Friday 25 November 2011

Micky Mitchell A Country War: Memoirs of a Land Girl

This books is full of useful information and I am quite pleased that is has confirmed my view of what it was like living on a farm in the 1940s.
Life is difficult in the 1940s, and not just because of the war. It seemed peaceful in the countryside though everyone was very busy. The farm work was hard but the workers were fed well.  Micky Mitchell became part of the family for whom she worked.
She actually did all of the jobs that I have my farm girls doing: milking, helping with harvest and mending fences and ditches. Micky helped to make cider. My girls don’t – but Renate did live on a farm that produced cider.  
They seemed too to have quite a busy social life – dances, ENSA evenings and big supper parties at the homes of other farmers whom they’d helped or at their own home when other farmers had helped them.          
This is a content rich book and is well written even though it is not a great literary masterpiece. It is certainly very informative.  

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