Sunday 22 June 2014


Food is so important in this novel. Its title suggests that nature’s ability to produce food for us is more important than whatever we humans might choose to quarrel about.
We often ask ourselves how could the Holocaust happen. Is food a clue? A terrible depression hit the world in the 1930s. It was particularly bad in Germany. Some of the Nazi cruelty towards the Jews involved deprivation of food.

Sunday 8 June 2014

Concentration Camps

Concentration Camps are different form Death Camps. As their name suggests, they are where concentrated groups of people were held. Clara Lehrs and possibly Karl Schubert in the Hani strand of our story went to concentration camps.
Neither Renate, Hani nor the other German girls were very aware of what these were or how bad the conditions were in them. They were probably more aware of the idea of a work camp. Renate may have been familiar with these in England too, for some fellow Germans were interned.