Wednesday 20 April 2011

Rereading the Novel

I’ve recently been rereading the novel. I’d completed about 46,000 words before I became aware that I needed to do some more research. I’m very aware also that I need to restructure the story completely and think seriously about how I want to interweave the contents of the letters and the two other story lines. I have a feeling that I have brought in some content too early. I don’t have the earlier letters. I may have to guess at them.
It is actually quite a long time since I wrote the completed extract – over three years in fact. So, I’m meeting my characters as new and can see where they are and where they aren’t convincing. Very useful! Some have more personality than others.
As usual, as well, I’ve moved on as a writer. Some of the writing feels stilted. I guess story-telling and writing generally have moved on. As text quickens, what was acceptable three years ago now seems slightly old-fashioned.
However, the inclusion of some German words reminds me of German syntax, I guess, and I’ve unwittingly included that in my voice. I think maybe that has to stay. That does make the characters more convincing.
I’ve noticed that I’ve read this text much more slowly than I normally read for editing purposes or than I read for my own leisure. This wasn’t a deliberate decision. It just happened, but it seemed appropriate.
I just hope I complete all of my other projects in time so that I can concentrate on this from September onwards.