Thursday 15 March 2018

The Nazi Attitude Towards Disability


Of schizophrenics and epileptics
Usually between ages of 20 and 40.
Some gypsies also and some homosexuals.
Other nations had used sterilization before but not on the scale that Germany did.  
This young lady had a mental breakdown at the age of 29 and was sterilized

How does this compare with what we do now?
Some people choose not to have children in case they pass on a condition.
What about designer babies?   


Systematic termination of:
"feeble-minded people"
"congenitally crippled"  
"congenitally crippled"    

We don't use words like this today. What do we use instead?
How do we treat these people?
Part of the Nazi justification for getting rid of them was that they cost the state too much. How do we cope with that cost? 

The Aryans

The Nazis wanted people who:
Were physically fit.
Would obey the Nazi authorities.
Were of North Eastern European descent.
Had blond hair and blue eyes.

This young man is being measured in order to assess how "Aryan" he is.

Perhaps we all want to be fit and healthy and live in harmony with those around us.  Is this always the best option?  

Hartheim Castle

Inmates were killed by: gas, lethal injection or starvation.
Doctors oversaw the killings.
200,000 disabled people were killed at centres such as these.
Hitler himself actually ordered it to stop 24 August 1941.
Killing carried on in individual cases. 

"I will not give a lethal drug to anyone if I am asked" is part of the Hippocratic oath for doctors. German doctors did not administer the drug but oversaw it.
The children at the house on Schellberg Street almost became one of these individual cases. What stopped that happening?