Sunday 18 December 2016

The Schellberg Cycle Workshop

Would you like to get your students thinking clearly about the Holocaust?


My Schellberg Cycle workshop presents a unique view of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. It explores how normal decent people can become involved in something so horrific. 

The Cycle includes the true stories of some feisty women and the men around them, including those of a young Jewish girl who comes to England on the Kindertranpsort, her grandmother who puts herself in danger in order to save some disabled children, her mother who has a dramatic encounter with Hitler himself and some ordinary German young women who are at first taken in by the glamorous life that the Nazi regime offers.

Nature of workshop

The workshop includes:
·         Board games
·         Creative writing exercises  
·         Role play exercises
·         Reading material
·         Discussion

What you get

Any school booking a workshop will also receive:
·         All materials needed for the workshop on the day (The school only needs to supply student stationery. A data projector and computer is desirable)    
·         A copy of the materials so that you can disseminate it to other groups or use them in future years. They will be provided on a memory stick so that you can customise them later.   
·         Updates on developments in the project
·         A copy of The House on Schellberg Street for your school library (this will be sent to you as soon as you book the workshop)  
·         Letters inviting students to purchase a copy of the book (the school will only need to give these out – I myself shall handle all purchases)     


The full version of the workshop lasts a full school day, minus thirty minutes at the beginning for set-up and thirty minutes at the end for books signing / evaluation.
There is a half-day version of the workshop also available – you might consider sharing my time with another school nearby or booking a half day Creative Writing workshop as well. The half day version requires a twenty minute set-up and a twenty-minute end.
The workshop is limited to up to 36 students, Years 9-13. However, I’m happy to talk to a whole year group or a hall full of students at the beginning or the end of the day at no extra cost.  


The cost is normally £400 (£200 for half day) plus travel expenses. However, any booked by the end of January 2017 will cost just £200 (full days only but this could be one Schellberg Cycle Workshops and one Creative Writing Workshop) plus travel expenses. Throughout February 2017 I am accepting bookings of two for the price of one. These may be half day or full day and can be two Schellberg Cycle Workshops, two Creative Writing workshops or a combination of one of each.

My credentials

I am very used to the secondary school classroom. I taught modern languages for 23 years in various schools and have continued to make school visits as a writer of fiction for children and young adults. I have been a university lecturer in Creative Writing for the past nine years and the Schellberg Cycle came out of a sabbatical project for which I was able to research some unique materials.    
Please query here.    
You may also like an inspection copy of The House on Schellberg Street. Request that here.