Tuesday 25 October 2022

Introducing Gabriela and a new way of working

Portrait, Woman, People, Expression

Gabriela is the aunt of one of the girls who appears in book five. She is quite mysterious and seems to have some extra insights into what is going on in the war. She develops a very close relationship with her niece Anika. They have a love of the arts in common.

Gabriela is substantially different form Anika’s very practical mother. She is a dreamer and develops a love for art, music and theatre. She becomes involved with the German resistance but remains on the edge of it.

This time I’m working in a slightly different way.  I’m currently busy writing my next instalment of a YA SF book. However, I’ve started a notebook about this story. I’m finding odd moments to work on it a little:  

·         Sitting in cafes

·         On journeys

·         Holidays

I’ve spent time looking at:

  • An overview of her life
  • Meeting with Hans Dinkerman, a mysterious figure but who is also working in publishing as she does. He is her main contact to the Resistance.
  • Her relationship with her sister
  • How her love for the arts develops.

Many more items will be added to that list.

I unpick each of the threads and trace a story arc of development.  I write a short scene for each point on that arc.  

This is an interesting way of working. I hope by the time I’m ready to start on the story proper I will have a notebook filled with snippets. I’m suspect that not all of the snippets will make their way into he novel and there is even the possibility that none of them will appear. One thing is certain though: by the time I start writing I shall know this character thoroughly.