Wednesday 16 November 2011

Vaizey, Hester. ‘Surviving Hitler’s War’

Vaizey, Hester. ‘Surviving Hitler’s War’ This is a scholarly work and the writer has accessed several relevant archives of interesting primary resources, including letters form the Feldpost service. Much of what she describes could probably be found in any post-war population: couples have grown apart, returning menfolk have problems readjusting to civilian life and children who are shy of fathers. No doubt the same happened in the United Kingdom and amongst the Russian population, and quite probably does after any major conflict that lasts for any substantial period of time. Hester Vaizey does give an account of the emotions involved, though this remains a scholarly text because of her use of primary resources and reliable secondary resources. Almost half of the book is made up of references, appendices and a comprehensive bibliography. These are of course also extremely useful.

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