Thursday 17 November 2011

Hani, 2 January 1939 (Deleted scene)

Here is one of those scenes I’ve deleted. I rather liked this but it had to go. Typically, it was a passage I needed to write to help me to get to know the character. The reader does not need this.  

Hani, 2 January 1939

The sun shining through the gap in the curtains woke Hani up. It felt as if it was going to be another lovely crisp and sunny day. There was something else as well. Now, what was it that she was feeling so pleased about? Yes, of course. Renate would be arriving this evening, and then there would be six whole days of long walks in the snow, then warming themsleves up by the woodburner and gossiping, and setting the world right. And a break from those wretched meetings. She didn’t mind the actual meeting that much, really, because they all had to be there and she liked spending time with the girls in her year had to be there as well. But it was that uniform. It looked so dull and it was all scratchy and it was a bit too tight for her. 
Hani jumped out of bed and ran over to the window. She flung open the curtains and the window and took a big breath. The air tasted so good. Everything was so fresh and clear this morning. She could see for miles, over the fields out towards the other hills.
Her eyes drifted down to the nearby woods. At least that was one good thing about the Hitler Youth Movement, she supposed. They had made a keep-fit trail through the forest. She needed it. Perhaps she and Renate could go and try it out. Not that Renate needed to. She was as fast as a hare and as skinny as a twig.
It was going to be so good to see her again.  And this time, they were going to sleep in the garage room. Nobody would disturb them there, and nobody would know whether they had stayed up half the night talking. Plus, they wouldn’t be keeping everybody else awake either. Mind you, she’d have to get cracking today and get it sorted out.
Two hours later she and Rikki were carrying armfuls of rubbish out of the garage room.

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