Thursday 17 November 2011

The USC Shoah Foundation Site

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This is extremely useful, easy to navigate and very informative. It allows access to may clips of Holocaust survivor accounts and some full accounts. Some of the other full accounts can be viewed through Bristol University and Royal Holloway University.      
The Scholarship and Research section allows online access to its archive. It has a list of useful publications, it describes some of the research projects currently underway and lists some courses, though the latter are disappointingly out of date.   
It has copious material for school teachers, offers some teacher training and some very good interactive resources for the students. Again there is access to witness statements.
I spent a long time on this site. There was a lot of material of great interest. However, as usual, with witness reports, one has to remember that a lot has happened to those people since then. They are using memory rather than describing experiences as they happen.       

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