Monday 14 November 2011

Almost finished first draft

My goodness, I’m at the end of my first draft. I have about 4/5 of the last but most important chapter to go. I’m bringing closure to all three strands. Renate, the most important one, is proving to be the most difficult although that could be because I was interrupted then couldn’t start again until after lunch. I’m trying to make her pleased about being English but still accepting friendship from Germany plus beginning to face the reality of what has happened to her grandmother. That isn’t revealed in the book, except possibly in the appendices. Readers will probably guess. I have a feeling that the three strands will blend well together. My next steps then: Finish the final chapter Weave the strands together Start the edits I am already aware of two or three places where the structure needs firming up. No doubt a read through will reveal more. It’s currently running at about 90,000 words which is actually just about right for this sort of novel. I know of two bits that need shortening and another couple that need expanding, so it probably will stay at about 90,000 words. It’s looking good. I still have to find the right title though.

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