Friday 18 November 2011

Working on the web site

I’ve already decided on the content for the web site, written some of it and designed the shape of it. As soon as I can find a decent place to host it and can obtain some quality illustration I’ll let it go live.
I’m including the normal ‘home’ and ‘about’ pages, and sections on the three story strands, fact and fiction and their interaction, the blog, alphabetical subject lists of books, links and other resources, the background issues, the people, some primary resources, deleted scenes from the book, articles, fiction as fact and writing historical fiction. I worked from a mindmap and everyday I’m revisiting it.
I’m looking for a web hosting service where I can author my work easily myself and I don’t use HTML. I want something that can look good and can have all the interactive services but I’m happy to avoid the sillier ones. I’ve used Weebly and Yola in the past but find them a little difficult to use. I’ve also used Office Live but that is no longer a good option for new sites.
Any suggestions gratefully accepted.        

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