Wednesday 19 October 2011

You win some; you lose some – darlings, that is.

I’m still going through my Renate strand. This will need much tightening, though arguably it is the most important one. But if I don’t do something, the novel will end up being about 120,000 words – or more – and that is just too long for a teen novel.
Also, as I re-examine some of my primary resources I find I have to adjust the story.
But it’s wise never to throw anything away. I had the idea of on the web site / page that supports the book once it is published (ever the optimist!) I might include a few “extra scenes” rather like they do on DVDs. I’ve cut out the one about the “bugger” incident. It seemed too good to ignore and illustrates language learning difficulties very well. Yet it does stop the flow. It’s possible it may find a way in elsewhere but for the moment it’s scrapped. However, I’m including it as an extra post here, so you can get a taste of the novel. Comments welcome!
What will everyone make of the “almost shot Hitler” scene I’ve been working on today or the “forgetting about chicken pox” thread? These are examples of where truth is actually stranger than fiction. Both incidents may attract an editor’s cynicism, I fear.
However, I could not resist inserting a little of Renate’s story that she wrote herself. I’ve changed it from first person to third and modified the voice a little: Renate was actually writing for adults.
So my word count is back where it was. Oh hum.                            

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