Monday 3 October 2011

A Real Breakthrough – thanks to Yad Vashem

I have now found details of Clara Lehrs’ transportation to Theriesenstadt and then on to Treblinka. She was transported form Stuttgart to Theriesenstadt on 22 August 1942 and then on to Treblinka on 26 September 1942. She was most likely exterminated immediately. This is thanks to the records kept at Yad Vashem. She was prisoner 811 in the first transport and 1159 in the second. I have searched several other databases and this is the only one that has a record of her to date. This time they did ask for her maiden name. I’m still ploughing through the links offered by the Holocaust Task Force, of which this is one. I’m reading lots of survivor stories. There is so much material. There is, however, only a few examples of accounts made at the time. Many have been reconfigured through memory. The photographs are extremely useful.

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