Friday 14 October 2011

Tracking Down the Rest to the Class Vb Wilhelm Löhe Schule

In one of the letters written in 1980 to her former classmates, my mother-in-law mentions a lot of names of other members of the school and class who aren’t the ones who wrote the letters. I thought it might be quite useful to try and trace them. They may be able to fill in some of the gaps left by the others.
It is of course quite difficult. I have the girls’ maiden names and it’s quite reasonable to suspect that they may have married. A search on X -  geb. Y has proved the most fruitful so far. Even that, though, only resulted in me finding out that the lady in question died in 1997. However, I now have the names of her children and grandchildren and contact with them may yet be fruitful.
Rereading my mother-in-law’s letter reminded me that she only had half an hour’s notice that she was going to England and that her mother was Jewish. What a shock. Then in 1947 she managed to get over to Germany because she had to go to a conference. Otherwise at that time all foreign travel was still forbidden. She then had the gruesome task of finding out what had happened to her grandmother.       

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