Thursday 27 October 2011

World War II as a Character

World War II certainly has a shape and an influence on the girls in this story, and is as important as the Holocaust itself. The Blitz is over but we are now into the Baedeker raids where historical cities are getting hammered. Dunkirk has happened and we’re beginning to recover. The provinces are no longer immune. The Germans are beginning to suffer in the East and they’re now talking about the Final Solution though none of the players in my story are aware of that yet. The readers, of course, most likely will be.  
I have a truly useful resource. The War Papers. There are facsimile newspapers produced in the late 1970s. They are so useful as they supply in the moment information.
I was looking for some information about June 1942 and found myself recording the number of each paper on my Timeline chart that pulls the three strands of my novel  together.  Most of the dates match exactly! Did I somehow remember that?
The papers are not ordered chronologically but rather in loose themes. Sometime later today, I shall finish going through them.                    

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