Tuesday 26 July 2011

The Wiener Library and the Holocaust Centre, Laxton (Beth Shalom)

These two museum / archives are going to be extremely useful. They both have so much material. The Wiener Library is a real academic’s dream of an archive. It houses many primary resources and some academic books. I may be able to find some of the records there that I need. It would be useful for instance, to find out exactly when Renate came over and whether she was an official part of the Kindertrasnport or not. They also have a rather good collection of photographs. These will no doubt be very useful in helping to understand daily life.
Sadly, they are closed until September 2011. They are moving to Russell Square. Still, that at least is handy for Euston station.
The Holocaust Centre, Beth Shalom, Laxton, is more of an education centre. Nevertheless, they have identified some excellent theoretical texts about genocide and why it happens. I think my novel explores this in a way as well. I hope I might be able to offer them a talk when I’m further along with the project.

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