Friday 22 July 2011

On the trail of Clara Lehrs

This lady, my husband’s great-grandmother, has been on my mind much today. I’ve been looking at some documentation about Theresienstadt where she went before she was later transferred to Treblinka and killed. Before that, she lived in the Jewish community in Rexingen. This wasn’t exactly a ghetto, but may well have seemed like one then. The Jews were already severely supressed and living in poverty though this was probably preferable to being in a proper ghetto.
It’s a little chilling seeing some of the old photographs. Can one of the people in them be her?
I’ve found some quite moving films about Theresienstadt, though information about life in Rexingen is quite hard to find.
I’ve also been in touch with the people from the Michael Hall school. I’m hoping I can find out more about what it was like when it was evacuated to Minehead.

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