Friday 1 July 2011

Disappointment re Funding

I did not get the British Academy grant I applied for. 1,500 people applied for them and only 25% were successful. They had to turn down some very strong applications, they said.
Was mine one of those? Or did it continue to fall between two stools? It is a creative project yet it includes some rigorous historical research. It’s always quite difficult to get funding for that sort of project.
Well, I’ll just have to look elsewhere. Time is rolling by, however. It is generally more difficult to get funding. More people are chasing fewer pots.
The British Academy said that they had turned down some projects in areas that have been well researched. Well, yes the Holocaust had been investigated over and over, but I think this project differs in two ways:
- It gives an unusual German point of view - a genuine innocent one.
- I have such a good primary resource – the letters the German girls wrote 1941-1943.
It is extraordinarily relevant today. Many Germans, including these 13-17 year old girls, found what was said to be happening so terrible it couldn’t possibly be true.
Like I find myself thinking that the present government has got it so wrong they can’t possibly last. Yet I have a fear that they will. Because look what happened in the 1930s and 1940s in Germany. Amongst other disturbing actions, our government is getting rid of libraries in towns and schools and humanities form the universities. Isn’t that the equivalent of burning books? Possibly even worse because it’s more subtle. And now they’re talking of refusing work to non-British people. What next? Isn’t that how it started with the Jews? Let’s hope we remember. I’m trying to work out why ordinary people could have done that.
So, the project must go ahead.
I’ll try microfunding. I’ll even put a donate button on this sight.
One intention anyway is to do a series of school visits. I’ll offer these for a donation.
I’m looking to raise just under £5000. If I raise more, it can go to one of the Holocaust charities.
Please let me know if you come across any likely funders.

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