Saturday 9 July 2011

School visits offered

I am offering school visits to do with The Potatoes in Spring project. There is a two-fold purpose to this:
- To raise funds to help me complete the project
- Disseminate knowledge gained from the research to date
Cost is whatever the school can afford, and as long as that at least covers my travelling expenses I’m happy to come to your school. No amount is too small, once expenses are covered but bear in mind that the Society of Authors recommended rate is £350 a day.
You may be interested to know that:
- I have public liability insurance up to £10,000,000
- I am CRB checked (enhanced)
- I am an experienced teacher and workshop provider
- I write for children and young adults.
The talks / workshops on offer cover:
- The viewpoint of 13 year old German girls during World War II and about the Holocaust (based on letters written between 1941 and 1943) We shudder at the Holocaust but here we might find some explanation of how it came about even though people are basically and usually big-hearted
- The extraordinary story of a Catholic woman, Jewish by nationality, who helped to keep a school for disabled children going. This woman was later forced to sell her home, was moved to a ghetto, then to Theresienstadt and was later killed at Treblinka
- The story of her granddaughter who was one of the first to arrive on the Kindertransport. This young woman had to endure a break-down as her mother was being bombed by the Germans in London and her father by the Allies in Berlin, before she began to recognize Britain as her home.
If you are interested in booking me for any of these talks please contact me via comment box or email me. 

Inspection Copy Offer

If you are interested in one of my workshops based on The House on Schellberg Street, I’m offering you a copy of the book. If you go on to book a workshop, you may keep the book free of charge.  Otherwise, you may return the book or if you decide to keep it but not book a workshop, I’ll invoice you for the book.     

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