Wednesday 3 August 2011

They tell me their stories

I’m really letting these girls tell me their stories. Of course, there are two sets of girls – the ones in the real letters and the ones I’m inventing. I’ve only carved out a very thin story arc for this part of the novel. There is one actually there, anyway, in the real letters. I’m not planning in too much detail as I go along. I’m using the real letters as prompts and they determine how the girls I’ve invented develop. They constantly take me by surprise. There is a whole new type of creative process going on here for me.
Hanna Braun, the teacher, remains in her Greek chorus role. She comments on all that happens. However, she too has a story and her story will become quite dramatic in the third part of the book.
Again, I’ve managed over 2,000 words since breakfast. I’m pleased with how this is progressing. I’m up to November 1942 now.

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