Tuesday 2 August 2011

Still in the 1940s

I’m now working with the real letters but still presenting them fictionalised within the novel. It is the type of thing that is happening that I’m recording. Interestingly, the real letters are, on the whole, are just about 350 words long each, so not that different form what I’ve been producing. They do, however, tend to have long introductions. I suspect it’s just as when we write stories or novels- we need to write ourselves into them first. Of course in those days without computers that word process, the first draft was usually the only draft. The stories tend to appear from the second paragraph onwards.
The girls are growing up now and are 15-16, in one case 17 and their older brothers are being called up. The girls are completing their education and starting on their duty years. All of them are growing vegetables in the garden and foraging. We are beginning to notice that the men and boys are leaving and the women are doing men’s work.
I have completed over 2000 words again today since breakfast.

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