Monday 1 August 2011

Daily lives

Much of what I’ve looked at today has been to do with daily lives. I’ve been trying to find out about the weather. I’ve found some reports of extremes but what I could really do with is a day by day report. I suppose though one can assume that weather was normal for the time of year unless it has been reported as being spectacularly different. I just hope there was a thunderstorm when my girls’ tent got blown away and they got soaked.
I’ve been looking at what food was like. I have a double impression here: rationing was introduced end of 1939, beginning of 1940. Yet the germens didn’t seem to be as perturbed by it as we were. Rumour has it that our blockades were not all that effective. It’s likely, too, that when a nation was already starving, a little less food, even, did not make all that much difference.
I’m gradually uncovering more about the daily lives of women under the Nazi regime. That is fascinating.
There’s a lot to be done yet on the history of the Steiner schools. However, all that I’m reading is giving me much information about how their work revolves around Main lesson. There is an argument there that children understand more when they are immersed in a topic for a while. The latest Ofsted reports of the Michael Hall school have been very good.

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