Friday 27 January 2012

Making more backstory into frontstory

So, yes, I’ve managed to do it now. I’ve finished the eighth edit. This was all about tension, which I think is there. It is a little difficult to tell sometimes, when you’re looking at your own work.
As is often the case, it’s the other things you notice that are even more significant. This time I’ve actually expanded some scenes. It’s always about bringing the reader more into the characters’ moments. So, I’ve added a little extra scene where Renate finds a new friend.
Most importantly, I’ve made two bits of Hani’s backstory into short “frontstory” scenes. I’ve really known for some time that there was too much backstory and too many flashbacks. Somehow I couldn’t figure out how to fix this. Then suddenly it was crystal clear. I think also I have a rather stubborn streak that says enough is enough just before the script is actually ready. Have I overcome that this time?      
So now, do I also have on the web site and posted on this blog some scenes that have been expanded? Maybe, especially on the blog, given its nature.  
I’ve also rechecked some logistics about boyfriends’ names and the history of the Rundbrief. I did have everything correct, but best to check if you’re in doubt.   
The upshot of all of this is that the novel, to the nearest thousand, runs at 100,000 words. Maybe not such a bad thing, given how much I want it to cross over.   

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