Thursday 12 January 2012

Creating a web site

I’ve now completed the relatively straightforward content for the web site. This content:
  • Explains the true story behind the fictional one
  • Gives a background to the story
  • Describes the main people in the true story.
  • I’ll also include on the site the glossary I’ve written for the book.
I’ve yet to produce:
  • Lesson plans – I’m going to work on my presentations for schools for a while and see if that inspires. I’ll also need to finish my stock of rhetorical questions I’ve been posting at the end of each section. Some I’ve done. The rest may come as I upload the content.      
  • Links – these will be easier to put straight on to the web site once it’s live
  • Reading lists
  • Section on fiction / reality interface for the writer – this will take  a little more thought and in any case, I’m attending a couple of conferences where I’m giving papers on this topic.
  • Other examples of fiction that have examined the Holocaust – in many cases I’ll be able to clone from this blog.
  • The experience of writing Potatoes in Spring.  Again much of this will come directly from this blog.        
I’m now looking forward to getting this web site up and running, but still want to wait until I have a publisher’s and the university’s approval.   

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