Wednesday 21 April 2021

Marketing a bear


I attend a U3A Spanish group and our group leader sends us something to read and discuss each time. We then have to prepare a short talk about something to do with the article we have read. One of our recent topics was the Berlin bear.  It was a little curious discussing something so German in Spanish. We had to prepare something about bears for our talk.

Well, it was rather obvious to me. I would talk about Bear, the brother of the protagonist in Girl in a Smart Uniform.

So, Bear.

·         His real name is Edelbert but Gisela couldn’t pronounce it when she was a little girl. So, he became Bear.

·         He became good at doing things with his hands.

·         He was sporty and athletic.

·         He joined the army more because it was expected rather than because he wanted to.

·         He was ok as a soldier.

·         He was gentler than his older brother Hans, who was anti-Semitic.

·         He had a Jewish girlfriend.

·         He was killed in Russia during World War II.

·         He never knew he had become a father.

Well, I piqued the curiosity of our group leader and she bought the book.  There you go.    

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