Monday 15 February 2021

A coincidence worthy of Dickens?


I have a little marketing strategy that involves one small marketing activity each day. Each month I tweak them, adding the ones that have been successful to the next month’s and replacing the unproductive ones with something else.

One has been very productive recently.  

So, one day it said “Approach some personal contacts for a review.” I decided to ask members of my National Women’s Group if they would review Clara’s Story. Four volunteered and read the book.  One of them is a former teacher of German.

“A friend of mine is a teacher-trainer for the Steiner schools,” she told me. ”I’ve mentioned the book to him.”

A few days later she contacted me again.  “My friend says that one of his former students is now living in the house at 20 Schellberg Street. Would you like to be put in contact?”

Well, yes.

And so it has happened. I have now exchanged quite a few emails with the family that lives there. The lady that now lives there with her family is the granddaughter of Emil Kühn, who bought the house off Clara and her son Ernst.

Hopefully when we’ve all got over this pandemic and Brexit has settled down we’ll be able to visit Stuttgart and see the house.                 

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