Saturday 13 February 2021

The Last Correspondent by Soraya M Lane

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This is actually the story of three female war correspondents. One is sacked from her job as reporter on a publication because she has pretended to be a man, but then she moves on to report about women on the home front.  She eventually moves over to France.  Aother is a photographer and blagues her way into all sorts of situations that are in the whole not open to women.  A third turns from being a fashion model to being an editor on a fashion magazine but concentrating on writing about women’s experience of war.

A set of coincidences bring the three women together so the title is a bit of a puzzle; this is actually a story about three war correspondents.

Here we see there women operating in what would normally be a man’s world.

The novel gives us plenty of detail about the Normandy landings and the way war correspondents worked.

The text refers to Martha Gellhorn and in fact opens with a quote from her in a letter to the military authorities in 1944.       

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