Saturday 24 June 2017

The Tin Shed Experience

The summer is warming up and it’s pleasant chatting in the little courtyard between the two main parts of this fascinating and unusual little museum.

You won’t find neatly labelled exhibits here nor lengthy descriptions of historical events. Rather, you are left to browse and if anything catches your eye you can find out more by asking co-owner Seimon Pugh-Jones or a volunteer guide.

It’s all 1940s material and therefore fascinating for me of course. There is even an Anderson shelter in the garden.

For me personally the most interesting is the 1940s’ tin cottage, also in the garden. I spend a while in there and can really imagine what it would be like to live there.

We chat for hours, and the guides also chat to the two other visitors. It’s quite difficult to get them to take our money. I find a seat in the shade.

Finally Seimon pops his head out of the main exhibition area. “Are you all right there?” he asks. “Do you fancy a cuppa? I was just going to put the kettle on.” It’s that sort of place.

I tell him all about the Schellberg Project. “That sounds interesting,” he says. “Send me some material.”

So I’ve spent much of this week putting together a small pack consisting of some general information about the project, some extra information about the girls’ letters scans of three of the letters with their transcripts and translations, and one of the board games from the school pack. I’m also going to send him a copy of The House on Schellberg Street.

The Tin Shed also has a performance space. Some fascinating events have taken place there and more will take place in the future. If you’re ever near Laugharne do check out this intriguing little museum.  Details here.      

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