Wednesday 24 May 2017

The five stories - or is it six?

The five stories – or is it six.

Here they are:
The House on Schellberg Street.
This is about Renate leaving Germany, coming to England on the Kindertranpost and making changes in her life. It is also about the people she left behind in Germany – her grandmother, her best friend Hani and her other friends     

Clara’s Story:
This is the story of Renate’s grandmother. Her life might be construed as a tragedy. Or was it?  She remained ever hopeful and it was largely thanks to her that a school for the disabled managed to survive the Holocaust and World War II.

Girl in a Smart Uniform
Two girls who are at first love their BDM uniform and are a little in love with the Nazi regime have to make some difficult choices that leave them having to leave their home.

Facing the Fürher
Käthe, Renate’s mother is quite feisty. She is one of the first women to study at the university in Berlin. She chooses particle physics and studies under Einstein. She is the first woman to get a driving license in Jena. The she comes face to face with Hitler in a most bizarre situation.

The Round Robin
A group of German girls write letters in exercise books and send them on to each other.

I’m currently taking a break from writing these and writing a fourth book in my Peace Child series. This is a young adult / new adult science fiction series. They’re curiously similar, actually.

In fact, as well, a sixth Schellberg hovers in my mind: Helga’s Story. But who is Helga?

Can you guess the links between the books? Let me know via the comments box or the contact form. Prizes offered!                

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