Thursday 1 January 2015

The Rexingen Jews

In 1942, Clara Lehrs moved to Rexingen, where there had always been quite a large Jewish community. It was the largest in the area at the time she moved there.
There had been Jews in Rexingen since the 16th century. In 1938, several Jews left from there for Palestine and established a community in what has now become Israel. This was the only successful group emigration from Germany during the Nazi time. Many Jews were rounded up in 1941 and transported to concentration or death camps.
A monument in the village shows when groups of Jews left. August 1942, the date when Clara Lehrs left, is mentioned.
Rexingen is home to one of the largest Jewish cemeteries in Baden-Württemberg.

Rexingen became a natural ghetto. What do you understand by the word "gehtto"?
How are ghettoes formed?
Why can they sometimes become dangerous?
What might be an alternative to a ghetto? 
How can we stop dangerous ghettos forming?  


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