Thursday 1 January 2015

The Nuremberg Laws

Two new laws were created in Germany in 1935. They were known as the Nuremberg laws.


Literally: “blood protection law” 
This defined how Jewishness was determined. Renate’s parents would not have been able to marry after 1935 and the divorce that they had in 1942 was really expected. Only pure Germans may marry other pure Germans and produce pure German children. If only one grandparent was Jewish, a marriage may be permitted. Renate had two Jewish grandparents so according to this law was a Mischling. If she’d have had three Jewish grandparents she would have been considered to be completely Jewish. If she had had only one, she might have been allowed to call herself German.  


Literally: Reich’s citizenship law
This robbed people who were not full Germans of many civil rights. This made legal former boycotts. Jews had lost the right already in 1933 to practise law or medicine.

Food for thought: 

Can you think of any other countries who have used or are indeed still using laws anything like this?  
Is there any way in which such laws could be protective? 
Why do you think the Germans wanted pure blood? 


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