Thursday 29 September 2011

Steven Spielberg Video and Film Archive

This is totally awesome. Yet another invaluable resource provided by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I can tell I’m going to be a long time going through all that this archive has to offer.
Yesterday I spent a couple of hours looking at some amateur footage. This can give an authentic record of history as it happened. Most disturbing probably was a few minutes’ film about death and the dying at Dachau.
There were quite a lot of reels about daily life for Jewish families – before the Holocaust really got a grip. Of course, these were well-to-do families – who else could afford their own cine camera? Maybe one can understand there would be a little jealousy and resentment. Nevertheless, it is quite sobering to think that within five to ten years of these very light-hearted little scenes, the players would either all be dead or scarred for life.    

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