Friday 23 September 2011

Creative Project: Onwards with Hanni’s Story

I’ve now finished the first attempt at transcribing the letters. I shall have to come back to them at some point, but I’m leaving them to rest a little now. I’ve decided to have a go at the Hanni / Clara thread – an example of someone defying the authorities and getting away with it.   
I’ve now got Hanni going to her BDM meeting. I’ve found myself delving into the copious notes I’ve made about uniform and the activities. The navy-blue and white uniform suits her and makes her look smart and feel grown-up. Even her mother, who knows exactly what is going on, is impressed. So, being in the BDM was a chance to build self-esteem. And Hanni is a teenager. She can’t understand her mother’s mixture of pride and dread.    
I’ve had a look at the bigger picture. It seems to be a matter of writing what is important for each thread and then weaving them together later. I’m very aware that first part and the third part are both going to cover a short space of time and that the second part is going to going to cover a longer period. But I’m also much clearer now about how the three parts will come together.
I’m pleased that both Hanni and her mother are developing well as characters.        

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