Monday 26 September 2011

Norman Longmate ‘How We Lived Then'

This book gives a lot of insight into how World War II affected daily lives. It has helped me great deal with background to the novel.
For instance, it was clear that the people in Britain were expecting war. It was not so much a matter of if but when. (p8)
I have my characters on holiday in the summer of 1939. Longmate confirms that this did happen, and that people took their gas mask with them. (p13)
Life was boring for evacuees and other who had sought the sanctuary of the countryside during the “phoney” war.  (p72)
Bombing, when it did start, was vicious. (p140)
Longmate provides much detail about everyday life. There are numerous photos of the era, including of some important documents.  This is a very useful resource.       

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