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Some of the jobs that the girls in the Schellberg cycle had:

·         Air traffic control
·         Working at the Post Office
·         Working in the pharmacy
·         Working at a Kindergarten
·         Working on farms
·         Looking after families so that the farmer’s wife could take on the farm work
·         Playing the organ and writing letters for the vicar  
·         Looking after the family business
·         Working as a housekeeper for a man with an important job  (Hani)   
Which of those jobs would you like the most? Write your letter of application. Say why you would be good at the job.


Camaraderie and duty

The girls continued to feel a strong sense of duty but also enjoyed being with the other girls.  In some roles they worked with other young women but in other roles, such as Hani’s, they were more on their own.  Pretend to be the person who wrote the letter above. Tell the other members of the group why you have a sense of duty and how much you enjoy or miss mixing with other girls.    


After the war is over

The war ends. The men come home. They take back their work. Write a small sketch in which you argue that you should be allowed to keep your job.
Then write a letter to one of your friends about what you think of this.

Hani’s experience

Some points to ponder:  
·         Hani went straight from school to being a house-keeper.
·         She had to learn to cook.  The Gődde’s maid taught her how to cook.
·         She also had to clean and do laundry. Remember they didn’t have dishwashers or washing machines then.  And she was used to having a maid to do all of that work at home.  
·         She would also work in the garden.
Hani keeps a journal. She wants to remember everything so that she can share it with her friends later.  Write an entry for her journal. She probably won’t mention the special class in case someone finds her journal.    

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