Wednesday 10 October 2018

Nuremberg During World War II

Nuremberg is famous

·         For its Parade Ground where mass rallies were held 
·         Nuremberg laws
·         Bomb damage
·         Nuremberg trials
So, Nuremberg is famous for four reasons to do with the war. 

Not bombed so much? (But see picture) 

Nuremberg was not bombed much - the major reason the War Crimes trials were held there was that the city had not suffered much war damage, and the courthouse and adjacent were large and intact when the war ended, RAF Bomber Command targetted all major German cities in an attempt to kill as many German civilians as possible. USAAF targetted all railway junctions in Germany (including those in Nuremberg and Munich) so as to destroy the German transport infrastructure and thus damage their war effort.

Some facts about Nuremberg:

·         Mediaeval town
·         Town built inside a castle
·         Famous for toys 
·        Early centre of humanism, science, printing, and mechanical invention 

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