Monday 16 May 2011

What Needs to Happen with the Novel

I have now finished reading the first 110 pages of the novel. I realise I need to do some serious restructuring. The way it is now, we will only get through the first two years of the war and the story needs to cover all of the war so that all of the threads can conclude and draw together.
This in turn may mean a rewrite of the girls’ letters. That sort of makes sense anyway because I’ve been using the letters as if they start at the beginning of the war. The girls in fact wrote from 1938 to 1946 but we only have the letters 1941-1943. I’ll have to either find more letters or make the earlier section up and move some of the material form that section into the later one.
But that’s workable and I think I can now see what I need to do at least. Next I’m going to plan out the three story threads to cover the whole of the war. I’ve looked at that quite a lot to day and now feel confident that I can do that.

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