Sunday 22 January 2023

Book 4 Out: Face to Face with the Führer


A gun, an anteroom, a Führer; will she shoot him?  

Käthe wants to be a scientist. She sees herself as more than a housewife and a mother. And she is in her own eyes definitely not Jewish.

Life in Nazi Germany sees it another way however. She has to give up a promising career and her national identity. She has to leave the home she has built up for her husband and daughter. But she is not afraid of challenges. She enlists the help of a respected professor to help her fulfil her ambition, she learns how to use a gun and how to drive a car. But what will she do when she finds herself fact to face with the Führer or, indeed, with the challenges of modern life?

Face to Face with the Führer is the fourth novel in the Schellberg cycle.

If you would like a review copy, please get in touch, otherwise you can find it here.    


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