Tuesday 22 October 2019

The Influence of the BDM


The BDM had a lovely uniform:
A calf-length navy blue skirt, a white shirt, a neutral shade  flying jacket and a black neckerchief held together with a small leather ring.    
Some girls couldn’t afford smart black shoes, the flying jacket or the great coat for winter.  
Look for some pictures of BDM uniforms. Just how “uniform” were they?        
Germans were quite poor at this time, so the uniform was a real bonus.
Imagine a conversation between one of the girls and her leader or her parents.

BDM activities

 The BDM – started off looking like our guiding / scouting movements. There were campfires, hikes through the woods and sports activities.  Gradually, however, the girls were encouraged to become home-makers.
They had their own magazine, Das Deutsche Mädel. Try an internet search. Even if you can’t read German look at some of the pictures.
Imagine you are BDM girl and you write a letter to a friend about some of the things you have been doing.           


 Der Giftpilz

The girls were encouraged to distrust and dislike Jews. They were also asked to report their parents if they had any dealing with Jews.
Der Giftpilz – the poisonous mushroom – was written for young people and often read and discussed at BDM meetings.  You can read it here.   
What do you think of this material? One of the Nazi leaders even didn’t think much of it. Why not, do you think?
Discuss this with other students in your group. Ask your teacher to join in.   

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