Thursday 18 April 2019

Karl Schubert's Legacy

In 1964 the Karl Schubert School was recognised by the German state.1n 1969 it moved out of the House on Schellberg Street into its current location in Degerloch, Stuttgart.  Since then it has been extended.

The School

Watch the video:

Don’t worry about the German.  What do you learn about the school?
About how they learn sport?

The Kindergarten

Again, don’t worry about the German. 
What do you notice about the buildings?
            What about the toys?
            Watch the children having lunch. Can you comment on their behaviour?
            Watch how they play. 

Opening times:

Monday to  Wednesday  8.00 until  15.10

Thursday and Friday 8.00 until 12.45

              How does this compare with your experience of nursery school? 

Ten children aged 3-7 work in a group with two trained assistants and one qualified teacher . 

               What do you think of the ratio of staff to children?

What’s happening now


           Take a look at this section and find out what the school is up to now.  



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