Tuesday 15 January 2019

Karl Schubert - a biography

Vienna 1889

 Key stages in his life:

Born: 25 November 1889 in Vienna
Mother was Jewish but he was christened Catholic
1908 – Began to study linguistics and philosophy in Vienna. He met Rudolph Steiner that year. 
1916 - Married.
1917- His son was born.
In the Great War he was taken prisoner of war by the Russians. He came back to Vienna in 1918. 
1919 – Started working with Steiner
1934 – Had to stop teaching in the main school because of his Jewish connections but the special class could carry on.  It eventually moved into the house on Schellberg Street - Clara Lehrs's home. It only moved form there in the 1960s when the class became a school that was too bio.    
1944 - Came on a list for deportation because of his Jewish connections but was saved.
Note: he remained a catholic all of his life.
Died : 3 February 1949 in Stuttgart. 


Father was a professional carpenter. He had been brought up in an orphanage. He was quite religious and encouraged the children to think of a spiritual life.
His mother had Jewish connections. She was educated and encouraged the children to be interested in literature.  
The children were brought up as catholic.

The Advent Garden

Karl Schubert invented the ceremony.
It takes place on the four Sundays before Christmas.
The children enter the largest room of the house.
There is a candle surrounded by moss and crystals.
An adult speaks.
The children leave the room with a candle burning.  

The growth of a school

1919 Rudolph Steiner asked Karl Schubert to set up the special class.
1964 the school was recognised by the state.
1969 it moved to new premises  

Three mysteries:

  1. Why did he remain a Catholic even though he was interested in Anthroposophy?
  2. How was he released from the deportation list?
  3. Why weren't the children in the special classes sent to one of the euthanasia centres?  

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