Sunday 8 April 2018

Working at the Lauenstein


The type of children who lived there:

·         Downs syndrome
·         Albinos
·         Epileptics
·         Lacking in self-esteem
·         Depressed
·         Anxious
·         Attention deficit / hyperactive 
·         Bi-polar 
y    Many of these children would now be in mainstream education. Which is better – isolating them or keeping them in our society? 

   Quirky cures and diseases 

·         Mother was frightened during pregnancy
·         Injection of thyroid gland secretion – with very strict instructions as to exactly how
·         Something has come through from the previous incarnation.
·         Time between death and birth quite short
·         Algae injections
·         Eurythmy* especially on legs to prevent fits
·         Kink in astral body
·         Poor health in parents
·         Connection with sulphur for albinos
·         Sugar injections
·         D6 injections
·         The child should learn to make boots.  

      Clara loved the way Rudolf Steiner worked with children. He was there for instance on the day the home was opened on 18 June 1924 and spoke to children and parents individually. However she found some of his ideas bizarre. What do you think?


Body movement = "visible speech"
Communication through non-verbal gestures
Movements = sounds and words
Comes from Greek "harmonious / beautiful movement"
Sacred dance 

In the Waldorf schools, eurythmy is very important and there are strict guidelines for each grade. How does it compare with your P.E. lessons? 
Try to find some videos of eurythmy. What are its main qualities, do you think? 





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