Saturday 10 February 2018

Places that Clara Lehrs knew


Flat country side: ponds and marshes 
Jews living there: bankers, lawyers, doctors, rabbis 
Germans: poor
Clara lived in the Schwerin part of Mecklenburg.
There is a beautiful castle in Schwerin  


Clara enjoyed café society.
She took the children riding on the trams.
She lived there at the time of the ‘belle époque.”
Lots of green space was created in Berlin.
It changed a lot in the 30 years she lived there. 


This was a residential centre for children with severe learning difficulties.
Clara was house-keeper.
It was in Jena.
Her daughter and son-in-law also lived in Jena.
It was based on Rudolf Steiner’s ideas. 


Clara sold her pearls to help finance the house on Schellberg Street.
It was used to board students and teachers of the first Waldorf School.
It was called the “little Goethenaum”.
She allowed a class of disabled children to meet in her cellar.
There is a”Stolperstein” outside the house now.  

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