Sunday 7 January 2018

The Kindertransport


Some useful links  

The Kindertransport Association created a quilt which tells the story of the Kinderstransport.
Click on this link and find the quilt: Click on each square and discuss what you think each square tells us.
Here is an account of someone who left at about the same time as Renate:
What it was like arriving in a new home.  

Arriving in a strange land

What do you think it was like arriving in a strange land by ship?
What about all of those journalists?
What might the nurse have been talking about?    
Who was the lady with the children?
Why is the man checking their labels?
These children had a slightly different experience from Renate. They stayed together at a camp. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of this?  
Look at the suitcases. Imagine having the whole of your life in that suitcase. If you suddenly had to leave home and could only take one case like that what would you put in it?
Why did we offer refuge only to children?

What is happening in the picture? 

Who are these women and what are they doing? 


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