Wednesday 29 November 2017

Helga, 17 July 1939 - Deleted scene

This scene was removed because the editor thought there too many letters included. Subsequently one reader has noticed that there are letters missing. I did very carefully make sure all of the threads made sense. Nevertheless, I have still left this out in the new edition that comes out shortly. 

Dear All,
I am so sorry I’ve held on to this for such a long time. It really is bad of me. But life is getting so hectic. I think it’s an excellent idea to include Fräulein Braun in our round letter from now on. Anika can send it to her, if everyone agrees, and then she can send it to me.
What about Renate then? A Jewess? Unbelievable. I wonder what it’s like, being in England. I just can’t imagine it. What a pity we learnt French and not English at Wilhelm Löhe! But perhaps she’ll be all right. I seem to remember she learnt Italian very quickly when we went to Italy. And do you remember her speaking German with an Italian accent, imitating those boys who had tried to talk to us? And that time she picked up the Bavarian accent? She’s so good at accents. I think she might do all right there – better than I would anyway.
Isn’t this weather glorious? I do hope it stays for the summer. I’m so looking forward to going swimming again with my cousins. I might be going back to the Bodensee for the summer. But sadly, that will mean the end of my connection with the nursery for a while.
Well, I’ll finish now. I really want to get this into the post. The sooner I do that, the sooner I can look forward to all of your news. I promise that next time I won’t hold on to the book for so long.

Lots of love,
Yours Helga

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