Wednesday 30 March 2016

Ordinary life for German girls in 1939

Dear All,
I think this is such a good idea, and it is so good to share everyone’s news. Yes, I’ve been enjoying the winter, too. I’ve been ice-skating every evening with my brother and his friend Thomas. Thomas is such a good skater. He’s also showing me how to do some ice-dancing moves. That’s something I would really like to take up seriously, I can’t afford to go to the big rink in town and take lessons, so I’m hoping the cold will hold out.
Still, if the snow does melt, I can start training again for the area athletics championships. Herr Schmidt is going to train me again this year, even though his activities with the Hitlerjugend are keeping him very busy. He actually doesn’t think he will be called up for the army because of the injury to his leg, though he does think he might be called upon to train some of the soldiers. He thinks he’ll be able to do that near here, so he’ll still be able to go on with my training. Just why are so many people joining the army now? It seems that they can’t get enough through military service.
Well, Georg will be doing his military service soon. Mutti seems to be really worried about it, and yet when Günter did his five years ago, she didn’t fuss.
Father says I must work hard at my sport, but that also I should remember the duties of a young woman. He tells me how proud he is of my mother – always working hard for the family, making lots of lovely homemade food and doing her duty by going to church. I think I’d find that all a bit dull, really, and I’m glad it will be a while before I have to be a good German house wife.
Well, I’ll finish now. I look forward to hearing from you all.


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