Thursday 24 March 2011

Application Now Submitted

The final tweaking of the proposal was quite tricky. This project sits between two disciplines really. It is historical research but it is historical research in order to write a novel. Some fund-providers would not be happy with that. However, if I went for purely creative arts funding they would say that the project was too much of an historical one.
All of this misses a bit of a trick. Fiction is an excellent means for examining fact. It can bridge inevitable gaps, often very accurately.
Another unusual aspect of this project is that the dissemination is partly through the novel – as well as the more normal journal and conference papers. In addition, I’m offering a web site, this blog and a series of school visits, all of which I feel quite confident about and all of which may be unusual enough to be interesting.
I pressed the submit button yesterday and had an acknowledgement at one minute to four.
Now it’s just a matter of wait and see.

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