Welcome to the ‘House on Schellberg Street' web site. This is all about a book and a project. They are to do with a Holocaust story with a slight difference. This site takes you beyond the novel and gives you some background to it. It will be constantly updated as new research comes in. Spoiler warning: although the site does not presume you have read the novel it may give some of its secrets away. So, if you want to enjoy the novel as a novel rather than as a resource about the Holocaust and about writing history, then read it before you look too closely at this site.

Who this site is for

The novel is aimed at young people aged roughly 13-16, though we hope it will be read by people of all ages who have an interest in the Holocaust. This site assumes reasonable knowledge about the Holocaust and goes into deeper issues which are of more interest to slightly older young people. Some sections of it will be of interest to scholars and students in Higher Education.  As the project is partly also about Creative Writing, this site is also of interest to other historical writers.

What you’ll find here

You’ll find all three strands of the story discussed in detail. We’ll be bringing you resources for teachers and some searching questions and provocative commentary about some of the issues that the three aspects of the story raise.  We’ll be distinguishing between what is fact and what is fiction and the difference between the two as well as discussing how these two elements blend. Some of our primary resources will be published. There will also be a useful set of resources, web links and a bibliography.                    

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